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Amesbury City Hall, 62 Friend Street, Amesbury, MA 01913

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Amesbury Poet Laureate -

Stephen R. Wagner

In partnership with the Whittier Home and City of Amesbury, the Amesbury Cultural Council is pleased to announce the selection of Amesbury's second Poet Laureate, Stephen R. Wagner, for a two-year term beginning January, 2018.

ABOUT STEPHEN (excerpt from Newburyport News article, by Jim Sullivan)

As an office administrator at an energy efficiency consulting firm, Wagner began his literary career by firing back original poetry to his engineers who kept submitting late time sheets. Encouraged by his co-workers, Wagner turned his office notes into the independently published poetry book, “Time Sheets: A Collection of Poems”, which was published in 2014.

“A lot of people have aversions to poetry,” Wagner said. “They see it as over the top and overwhelming, and a series of sensory images that aren’t connected. A lot of that can be true but I see poetry as something you can associate with a clean narrative that is more accessible. I’m writing not to the poet’s poet but to the people who may very well be coming in with biases toward it. I am speaking to them.”

Wagner, who penned a workplace-based poem each week for the past nine years, is also the author of the independently published short story collection, “This is How Much Oatmeal Loves You: A Collection of Stories,” and the satirical detective novel, “To Dance with Death Beneath the Falling Stars: A very short novel.”

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