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Public Art Initiatives

The Amesbury Cultural Council partners with the City of Amesbury to enhance and enliven public spaces with art. A full map of all the public art downtown will be available soon!

Past Projects


Walk This Way (Crosswalks)

Chalk the Walk (Chalk Murals)

It's Electric! (Utility Boxes)


Walk This Way - Summer 2021

Nine of the crosswalks in downtown Amesbury were painted by some very talented local artists! Be sure to take a stroll around town and check out each one.


Photography by Wendy Bush.


Chalk the Walk - October 2020

During Chalk the Walk, three professional artists created Fall and Halloween-themed chalk murals in the Upper Millyard Amphitheater. Members of the community had the opportunity to watch the artists create these murals and also create chalk drawings of their own. 

This event recurs every October.


Photography by Wendy Bush.

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It's Electric! - Summer 2020

In summer 2020, the Amesbury Cultural Council launched a public art initiative to paint the necessary, but not very attractive, electrical boxes around town. The plain-Jane dropbox outside City Hall? That could use a creative coat of paint as well.  We selected 10 artists to paint the electrical boxes around the theme "The Art of Community."


Photography by Laura Kozlowski.

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